Here, you will find resources that I have used throughout my bioptic driving journey. This list will continue growing as this site grows, and I hope you will find these resources as useful as I have along my own journey.

The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH)

NOAH provides information on albinism and allows people with albinism and family members of people with albinism to connect and share experiences and information.

New York State DMV Vision Requirements

This site lays out the New York State DMV’s vision requirements for driving. You can also find the state’s required Vision Test Report PDF file and instructions on the completion of that form.

Bioptic Driving USA

This site contains a wealth of information on state laws, pioneers of bioptic tools and techniques, training, driver testimonials, frequently asked questions and so much more.

The Lighthouse International Guild

The Lighthouse International Guild has resources for people with all sorts of visual impairments and eye diseases. They have resources for medical exams, behavioral health services, training for the use of assistive technology, orientation and mobility training, life skills training, and so much more.

Meltzer’s Driver Training Center

Meltzer’s Driver Training Center offers training for drivers with the “usual abilities or different abilities.” Matthew Meltzer runs the school as a Certified Driving Instructor and a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist.