Joshua wearing his bioptic lensCongrats! You’ve found my first post in what is going to be a journey unlike any other. My name is Joshua, and I am a legally blind bioptic driver with albinism living in New York City. Before we get started, let me try to dispel any sort of confusion you may have about what Nine to Freedom is all about.

This is not your average travel blog. I’m not just going to talk about the places I’ve been to and arbitrarily post photos of said places. I’m not going to just talk about the road trips I’ve been on and the company I’ve shared while on the road. This is going to start from the beginning.

You’re going to read about how many times I’ve been told “no,” and about the one time I was told “yes.” What you’ll read will contain raw emotion; from the excitement of me getting my permit to the happiness of getting my driver’s license surrounded by all of the ups, downs, moments of anxiety, and what I did to cope with it all. I’ll even sprinkle in an occasional reference to a song from Billy Joel.

I also want to show you what awaits you. Living in New York City, I’m not afraid to venture north of the Bronx or east of Brooklyn and Queens. Some of the most beautiful views can be found 45 minutes north or east of the greater New York City metropolitan area, in Long Island and the Hudson River Valley. You’ll not only learn about those places, but you’ll also learn how to go beyond them safely and with confidence.

Stay tuned and follow from a safe distance. It’ll be worth the trip.

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